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Prince Harry’s style deemed ‘less formal’ after US

After stepping down from his royal life to start a new life in California, Prince Harry’s style is claimed to have undergone a style shift.

According to stylist Melita Latham, the Duke of Susse**x has started wearing more relaxed apparel, as seen by his casual attire and bare feet for the announcement of his second child, Lilibet, with wife Meghan Markle.

Melita added, “Harry’s manner has become less formal since relinquishing his HRH designation.”

“Cast your mind back to his announcement of baby number two with his bare feet on display, something we have never seen before.”

She continued: “We can put it down to the fact he is living his new life in a different climate and wearing a suit and tie would probably not suit his environment, instead opting for a cool, relaxed linen top and trousers and baring his feet to all.

“It’s also a statement that says ‘this is me’ and only he decides what suits him for the occasion.”

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