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Prince Harry left feeling lonely as a result of his devotion to Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry is said to be lonely after his engagement to Meghan Markle separated him from the rest of the Royal Family.

This allegation was made by Republic CEO Graham Smith during an interview with Express UK.

He began by remarking on Prince Harry’s “easy, comfortable existence” in the UK, a life in which he could “do anything he wants.”

Given the opportunity, Mr. Smith continued, “I assume he misses some of it.”

Despite the fact that everything has all been torn away, “must be quite the wrench.” From what I’ve seen, Harry and Meghan appear to be quite dedicated to and supportive of one another.”

For those who are unaware, Prince Harry was obliged to give up a number of military benefits that he valued. All in the hopes of obtaining a one-way ticket across the Atlantic.

Aside from the goods Prince Harry was forced to leave behind, experts feel the emotional ties were the most difficult for him to cut ties with.

These rumours were sparked by Prince Harry’s stunning interview with Oprah, in which he stated, “There’s a lot to sort through there.” “I’m quite disappointed.”

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