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Prince Harry chastised for using a security bid to avoid royal meetings.

Prince Harry has been chastised for using his security bid as a pretext to ‘avoid’ socialising with the Royal Family.

Prince Harry has been accused of using his security clearance as an excuse to avoid seeing the royal family.

Prince Harry has been chastised for reportedly using his request for increased private security as a ruse to avoid visiting the Royal Family.

In a recent interview with Closer magazine, royal biographer Tom Bower made this charge.

“I think the concept that he’s worried about his personal security and requires the Met Police is an excuse,” he said in the interview, adding that “unfortunately, we won’t see him or Meghan back in the UK anytime soon.””

“And I believe Harry will not return because he realises he will be unable to face his family and be polite with them after reading what he has written about them in that book.”

Mr Bower explained that Prince Harry may find it difficult to “come back and pretend everything is normal” if he is questioned to “justify the money he’s been paid.”

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