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President Alvi encourages young people to seek employment in the IT sector.

President Dr. Arif Alvi urged students to study hard and concentrate on IT education in the nation so that they may take advantage of millions of possibilities throughout the world.

On Sunday, the president spoke at the Presidential Initiative Artificial Intelligence and Computing (PIAIC) Grand Entrance Test 2022, which was hosted by Saylani Welfare International Trust (SWIT).

“There is a global demand for 8 crore individuals with knowledge in the IT field,” the president stated, adding that you will not only have work prospects but also entrepreneurial opportunities. He stated that the government is providing all types of assistance to the IT industry, and that regulations have been enacted to help it expand.

President Arif Alvi stated that the government had started several initiatives, such as the Digital Skill Program, which is free and provides IT education through online classes, and that thousands of students had benefited from it and were making money in dollars.

“After finishing your training or study in the IT field, you may want financial assistance to begin your own business,” he said, adding that the government has also created the Kamayab Jawan Program (KJP) to provide financial assistance up to one million rupees.

He also stated that the government has made it easier for foreign investors to enter Pakistan, and that China is interested in investing in the country’s IT sector. He went on to say that Pakistan’s youth were hungry for information, and that the country was transforming. “Let the youth forget about other things,” he said, adding that “young people should exclusively focus on their training and education.”

The President, while praising the achievements of the Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led administration in the province, stated that no polio cases have been recorded in the recent year, owing to the government’s efforts to control the disease.

The president, speaking on the problems that refugees experience across the world, said that refugees have had to suffer a lot since they were not permitted to enter other countries, but that only Pakistan has allowed four million Afghan refugees to live there for the past 40 years.

Chairman SWIT Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farooqui spoke at the event, saying that the Trust’s main goal was to serve the people, and that the Trust was doing everything it could to help everyone in the country.

“In terms of education, we are striving to teach the youth in the IT industry since it can help the country develop by boosting entrepreneurship,” he stated.

Ziaullah Khan, a representative of the Presidential Initiative on Artificial Intelligence and Computing (PIAIC), spoke at the event and emphasised the importance of the IT sector. The Presidential Initiative Artificial Intelligence and Computing (PIAIC) Grand Entrance Test 2022 attracted around 25000 students from across Sindh province.


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