Dua Zehra, who has gone missing.

Police conduct a raid in Sanghar but are unable to locate Dua Zehra, who has gone missing.

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Police conducted a search in the Sanghar area of Sindh for 14-year-old Dua Zehra, who went missing outside her Karachi home, but were unable to locate her.

Police have discovered another minor girl who was detained forcibly during the raid and are gathering information on her identity. According to them, the raid was carried out after a tip about the presence of the missing girl.

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Dua Zehra Kazmi’s father confirmed his daughter had gone missing from their home in Karachi’s Shah Faisal Colony, but denied media reports that he had been receiving threatening calls.

The father of Dua Zehra was also met by a team from the anti-violent crime cell (AVCC). According to AVCC SSP Zubair Nazir Shaikh, three teams have been formed to obtain CCTVs in order to track down the suspects.

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He stated that they are taking all necessary steps to recover the girl and are in contact with her family to gather all information about her kidnapping.

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The girl has been missing for three days, according to her family. Since she stepped out of her house to throw garbage and never returned, there has been no trace of her whereabouts.

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