PML-N leader Sheikh Abdul Quddus dies on stage Viral Video on Twitter

Who is Sheikh Abdul Quddus.

Former local body chairman Kallar Syedan

What happened with PML-N leader Sheikh Abdul Quddus on stage

Raja Saghir, a candidate for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in the upcoming by-election, was supported by PML-N leader Sheikh Abdul Quddus. Friday’s PML-N election rally for the PP-7 Rawalpindi district of the Punjab Assembly ended with Sheikh Abdul Qudus passing away from a heart attack on the stage.

Sheikh Abdul Quddus, the leader of the PML-N, is seen settling in after speaking at an election rally in a video that has gone viral online. He receives water from a man, but his condition quickly worsens, and he collapses, passing out on the lap of the person seated next to him.

Later, after being taken to a nearby hospital, the doctors there declared him dead, stating that PML-N leader Sheikh Abdul Quddus had passed away from a cardiac arrest.

PML-N leader Sheikh Abdul Quddus dies on stage during A public meeting in Rawalpindi Full HD

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