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PM Imran Khan announced that registered IT freelancers will pay no tax

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that registered IT freelancers will pay no tax. He claims that Pakistan’s IT exports might reach Rs 50 billion.

On Tuesday, he made these remarks during the launch of the E-Commerce Portal in Islamabad.

Imran Khan pointed out that the world is swiftly heading toward digitization, and Pakistan has to keep up. He said that when they took control, the country’s situation was dire, but that I told my cabinet colleagues not to worry about it. The prime minister stated that he fully comprehended and was aware of the situation.

PM Imran, in a lighter tone, stated, “Don’t worry,” which is the phrase I use the most (Ghabrana Nahi Hai). “Ghabrana Nahi Hai,” I speak to the opposition in the same way.

He praised Bill Gates’ contributions to Pakistan, noting that he had spent a significant amount of money on the country’s polio eradication. Bill Gates also provided us with valuable advise on how to promote Information Technology (IT) in Pakistan.

Pakistan and Japan agreed to expand their cooperation in the fields of information technology (IT) and telecommunications on March 10, 2021.

According to facts, a meeting between IT Minister Aminul Haq and Japanese Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda was place in which the two addressed matters of common interest.

Federal Minister Aminul Haq stated during the conference that initiatives are being done to enhance the country’s IT and telecommunications industry, and that Pakistan’s IT and telecom sector is fast expanding.

Pakistan appreciates its links with Japan, according to the Federal Minister, and wishes to benefit from Japan’s technological expertise. Pakistan’s investment climate is favourable, according to Islamabad. In Pakistan, Japanese firms should engage in the IT and communications sectors.

IT exports surged by 40% in the first half of the fiscal year, according to Amin-ul-Haq.

The Japanese Ambassador praised the Ministry of Information Technology’s contribution to the growth of the IT and telecom sectors at the event.

Good news for freelancers: Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that registered freelancers will pay no tax.


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