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Phyna and Groovy, housemates on BBNaija season 7, have drawn criticism for their new relationship.

People’s attention is being drawn by some shocking news that has recently surfaced online, and they are eager to learn more. Two names are currently quickly becoming popular online and grabbing people’s attention. Phyna and Groovy, Big Brother Naija housemates, were caught on camera having a steamy session while covered up on Friday night. People are paying attention to the cuddle.

Phyna and Groovy, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 7 housemates, have sparked debate over their fresh union.

Just a few days after Beauty was kicked out of the “Level up” house, the two housemates appear to have gotten along well.

Remember how the beauty queen received two strikes for upsetting Groovy and was subsequently disqualified?

Groovy, however, appears to have moved on as he was last night seen cuddling under the covers with Phyna, just six days after Beauty left.

BBNaija viewers reacted to this by criticizing Groovy for moving on so quickly in the wake of Beauty’s disqualification.

The following are some comments that Daily Oost compiled from Twitter:

@Dami “Groovy moved to Phyna as soon as she left because he noticed she would have a sizable fan base outside. He was with Beauty because he saw she is a strong housemate and will have a sizable fan base. We’ve got you, kid.

@Doffishal Just one week after Beauty was eliminated due to him, Groovy and Phyna were caught under the sheets. Life has no balance in it.

@Blaqpearl We all know how this will harm Beauty. I don’t like Beauty, but we are all human. She was evicted from her home because of this guy, and the second she left, the other girls flocked to him.

@D Paulo1 “Biggie, you need to begin concealing cameras under your covers. Because of Phyna and Groovy.

@Vahcelia “Beauty, you deserved better. This is really embarrassing for you.”

Additionally, after a heated argument with Groovy that evening, She broke up with him. Not only that but there was also a dispute with Phyna over the latter’s refusal to support her during her altercation with Groovy. On social media, this argument is stirring up debate, and people are talking about it. They are curious as to what transpired and what led to the cuddle. Because people are looking for the news, many websites are covering this issue.

Additionally, when the information that Phyna and Groovy had an aggressive cuddle on Friday night surfaced on the internet. People were interested in learning more about this news after seeing it on the internet. This hug gained notoriety on social media as a contentious issue. They can be seen there because the camera recorded their activity.

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