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Photos: Nora Fatehi dazzled in a peach and white outfit

Fans were shocked by Nora Fatehi’s fashionable attire. Nora Fatehi recently dazzled in a peach and white gown made by renowned international designer Apu Jaan.

Apu Jaan, a London-based designer company, created this outfit for Nora Fatehi.

Nora Fatehi wore a jacquard knit shirt with a kipao collar and a matching high-rise skirt.

Nora Fatehi accessorised her appearance with a little white handbag and a white pointed heel. Maneka Harisinghani and her crew styled Nora Fatehi’s hair and cosmetics, while Mariana Mukuchyan finished the look.

Nora Fatehi posted a bunch of pictures on her Instagram handle and captioned it, “Man…it’s hard to be an angel when you’re surrounded by demons….”

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