Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series – Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Howto Watch

Pehredaar Season 5, the most anticipated and well-liked franchise new season, is now available on Primeplay. Priya Gamre, Komal Ruthala, Deepak Dutt Sharma, Anu Morya, and Rani Pari all starred in the web series.

Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series – Storyline

The plot of this series is similar to that of an earlier one in that a daughter-in-law arrives after getting married at her in-laws’ home, and her husband informs her that there is a tradition in our village where the daughter-in-law’s first child is given to the father of the bride. It should be his father-in-law’s child.

Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series – Cast list

Rani Pari
Priya Gamre
Komal Ruthala
Anu Morya

Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series – Release Date

The premiere of this series is scheduled for October 27, 2023.

Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series – Official Trailer Youtube

Frequently Asked Questions about Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series

Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series Crew?

Priya Gamre, Annu Morya, and Komal Ruthala as the main cast.

Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series OTT?

PrimePlay App.

Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series Release Date?

27 October 2023.

Howto watch Pehredaar Season 5 Web Series?

  • Visit the Prime Play App or use the Play Store or App Store to access the app.
  • If you are a new user, sign in with your phone number.
  • Choose a subscription strategy.
  • You can stream all the series and films on the Prime Play App after completing the payment process.
  • Look up Season 5 of Pehredaar.
  • To watch the most recent episodes online, tap the poster and select the Watch Now option. The episodes can also be downloaded for offline viewing.


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