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Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2 HD Ullu Web Series

Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2 full detail what happened in this season

The web series Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2 Part 1 was released today on Ullu App. The cast of this web series includes Rajsi Verma and Ayushi Jaiswal. After Charmsukh, Bed Toad is the most popular series. The first part of Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2 Web Series will be released on June 7, 2022, and the second part will be released next week on Ullu. MS., who is the director of this web series, has done it.

Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2 Part 1 is a web series that you can watch online. The web series consists of two episodes with a total run time of around 40 minutes. This will bring the story to the conclusion of the first two parts. In Jane Anjaane Mein, he recently released five web series. Which the audience enjoys a lot. This web series is intended for people over the age of 18.

Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2

Ranjana has agreed to stay with Mohan for a longer period of time. When Rakesh discovers their secret relationship, he blackmails Mohan into having sax with Ranjana. What appeared to be a sympathetic gesture turned into a devious plot that neither Mohan nor Rakesh could have predicted.

Ullu Web Series Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2 Full Episode in HD

The story picks up where the first season left off. Ranjana does not want to go home, so she devises a plan to avoid going by pretending to fall down the stairs, which she executes successfully. Kumud asks Mohan to look after his mother in the second season. Mohan’s friend came to meet him when they were both in an intimate position, but no one opened the door, so he decided to look at the back door. He saw both of them there.

Palang tod damad ji 2 is a web series starring Palang Tod Damaad Ji.

Ranjana is played by Rajsi Verma.
Kumudo is played by Ayushi Jaiswal.
Mohan as Sameer
Rakesh is played by Shashank Veda.
Kusum is played by Muskan Agarwal.

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