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Pakistani Teenage Girl groped in street Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

Unbelievable video of a Pakistani girl being groped by an unknown man in the street in broad daylight has gone viral.
The daytime event, according to sources, happened in Islamabad.

A burqa-clad girl may be seen in the footage strolling by herself down a street.

Unknown male suddenly approaches from behind her and wraps his arms around the girl while molesting her.

In the meantime, the girl tries to shoo the man away.

He then releases her and takes off. As she processes what has transpired, the woman gathers her thoughts.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir shared the tweet that contained the video and said that it is on to all men to identify the offender and hold him accountable for his actions.
Social media users were appalled by the man’s behaviour, as is to be expected.

Many urged the police to intervene, while others criticised the force, claiming that similar instances happen frequently but nothing is done about it.

Later, Islamabad Police tweeted that they had noted the issue and that officers were looking into it.

Sadly, there is a lot of harassment of women in Pakistan.

A Pakistani Girl groped in street full Viral Video

According to studies, harassment affects more than 70% of Pakistani women who work there.

4,734 women experienced s*exual violence between 2004 and 2016, according to women’s rights NGO White Ribbon Pakistan.

The weaker portions of the 2010 law were changed by the Pakistani government, which also passed the Protection against Harassment at the Workplace (Amendment Bill), 2022.

Pakistan has seen an increase in the proportion of working women overall in recent years, but the nation is struggling with the problem of women’s se*xual, physical, and psychological harassment, which restricts their safe mobility and keeps them from going outside to work.

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