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Pakistani Dancers defeat Colleague for Attracting More Male Attention

In a now-viral video, a group of Pakistani dancers beat up one dancer for allegedly attracting more male guests‘ attention.

An event in Pakistan descended into chaos when a group of dancers turned on one of their own and physically attacked her, which eventually sparked a fight among all the performers.

It’s thought that the incident took place in Karachi.

The group allegedly attacked one of their dancers because they were envious of the way the male visitors paid her more attention and money.
Images captured the altercation escalating.

They started fighting with each other after initially focusing on the single dancer.

As a few guests attempted to separate the quarreling women, the video showed a second altercation starting.

The camera then pans to the main altercation where the lone dancer is being dragged down by another and has her hair pulled out.

A red-clad dancer starts hitting her over the back as she tries to free herself.

To combat the dancer in red, a third dancer rushes in.

Before more fights break out, guests quickly try to separate the combative performers.

The DJ can be seen attempting to diffuse the situation and shielding his laptop from being broken.

A few guests attempted to separate the women, but the majority stayed seated and observed the chaos.

The dancers allegedly targeted one of their colleagues because all the male visitors were tipping her money, according to the original post.

Many people commented on the viral video on social media, finding the incident to be humorous.

Many online users shared sarcastic comments and laughing emojis.

One said, “Talent knows no bounds.”

A user mocking the incident wrote: “Jealousy.”

But some users expressed concern, with one asking:

Is this thing real?

Fights frequently break out at events, and at a wedding in Bolton in August 2023, chaos ensued.

A few men approached a seated guest and flicked his hat off in front of guests who were enjoying their meal, according to CCTV footage from the Regent Hall.

Before the man slapped the sitting guest, the two exchanged words.

A punch was thrown at a second man who stood up to defend his friend.

Pakistani Dancers Fighting Viral video

The men started fighting close to their table, and it quickly turned into a large brawl. The fight quickly broke down the fabric partition, and as chairs and tables were being smashed, it spread into the area reserved for women.

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