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Pakistani dancer Mehak Malik Death Hoax On Twitter

Who is Mehak Malik – Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Family, House, Net worth

Mehak Malik is descended from an honourable family. She goes by Kashan Rajpoot in real life. After becoming a part of the transgender community, she changed her name, becoming Mehak Malik instead of Kashan Rajpoot. She had been dancing as a hobby since she was a young child, but she couldn’t do it at home, so she had to leave.

He goes by Mehak, and her family and friends do too. Pakistan is her country of birth. She is from Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad. She represents Islam’s faithful.

On March 11, 1995, the baby was born. Age 27 is the current age. It was in Kot Addu, Pakistan, where she was born.

One of the things that fans care about most is a celebrity’s physical appearance. Fans pay attention to an idol’s appearance, including their height, weight, and even their hairstyle. We are informed of it. She measures almost exactly in centimetres at 162 cm, metres at 1.62 m, and feet at 5′ 4″. The weight is 50 kg in kilogrammes and 110 lbs in pounds. The most recent weight is available here, but it changes periodically. Her eyes are black in colour. Black hair is also present.

Career of Mehak Malik

She used to frequently dance at events like weddings and parties. Unknown person once recorded a video of her dance and shared it on social media. This video helped her become well-known. She was taught to dance by Shaheed Jaan, who also made her the best dancer.

Mehak Malik’s wealth:

She is the most popular dancer in Pakistan and the richest and most expensive transgender dancer there despite being transgender.

It is now clear that the demand will increase as she gains more followers.
For a single dance show, she demands between 3 and 10 lakh rupees.

People book their programmes with this transgender dancer two months in advance and deposit half the total amount while she is so booked up.

Today, she has large, expensive bungalows and cars that she owns in the millions of rupees.

Social Media Profiles

She established his personal social media accounts after becoming well-known on them.

She began posting dance videos online, and as a result, she now has millions of social media followers. On TikTok, she has 8 million fans.

Mehak Malik—Is She Dead?

Mehak Malik’s name was mentioned in a news story about a car accident a few days ago. She reportedly suffered injuries as a result of the collision. The news of her accident was also widely disseminated on social media and by news organisations, which ultimately led to the spread of false rumours. After hearing about Mehak Malik’s accident, many people believed she had perished in it, but she was in fact fine and in good health. People still think she isn’t around because of this. Although Mehak Malik is very active on her social media accounts, you can also view her activity log by going to her room. For information on her Instagram account and other social media handles, please see the list below.

Common Mehak Malik Question

Where did Mehak Malik get his start?

Mehak Malik was born in Kot Addu, Pakistan.

Mehak Malik is she married?

She is single.

What is Mehak Malik’s zodiac sign?

The Zodiac sign for this person is Pisces based on their birthdate.

Mehak Malik’s net worth is unknown.

There is a 150 crore net worth.

Mehak Malik’s age is unknown.

Mehak Malik is 27 years of age.


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