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Pakistani Boyfriend Marries Russian Woman

A Russian woman got married and is now living with her Pakistani boyfriend.

According to rumors, the woman, Polina, adopted Pakistani culture in order to be with Muhammad Ali.

Through an online forum, they connected and started corresponding frequently.

When Muhammad visited Russia, he personally met Polina.

They both enjoyed traveling, learning about different cultures, and trying new foods.

But there was a specific reason Polina wanted to wed Muhammad. He said,

We talked to one another in a group on a social media app, and when I met her, she was smitten by my respect for women and decided to marry me.

Polina was an atheist before they were married, Muhammad revealed as he went on. Later, she converted to Islam.

He went on to say that despite not practicing any other religion, she rejected the culture of drinking and eating pork there and accepted Islam instead.

She thus did not have any issues adjusting to Pakistan.

Polina traveled to Pakistan to get married to Muhammad in a customary ceremony.

Many neighborhood residents showed up at the house to meet Polina after learning about the intercultural wedding.

According to Polina, her in-laws have made her feel at home.

Polina has not only relocated to Pakistan but also picked up a bit of Urdu. She has acquired the skills necessary to prepare roti and parathas while cooking.

The Russian woman, who recently moved to Pakistan, said that while she likes the nation overall, she does not like trash on the streets.

I like some things and I don’t like some things, she said.

Polina was also unaware that having numerous guests over was a common occurrence.

She was, however, captivated by Pakistan’s northern regions. Polina claimed that the area’s breathtaking scenery is why she adores it.

A 24-year-old Pakistani man who met a 65-year-old Vietnamese woman online got married in a situation similar to this one.

Nguyen Hoa was attracted to Aziz ur Rehman, but she refused to accept his love primarily because of their age difference.

Aziz’s neighbors thought he wasn’t being sincere, but he went to Vietnam to meet her anyway.

After that, Aziz decided to remain in Vietnam.

The couple decided to get married after a two-year relationship. Their families offered support, and they were able to consummate their marriage.

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