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Origin Flasher bombs Viral Video in live TV broadcast on Twitter, Instagram

The NSW Blues completely destroyed Queensland on Sunday night to tie the series, which allowed the Perth supporters to celebrate and anticipate a spirited contest. Optus Stadium served as the game’s location, and as the action in the game progressed, the crowd there was electrified. The teams must have enjoyed the crowd’s enthusiasm as well, which would have encouraged them to give the game their all.

Origin Flasher Viral Video

But even before the game began, there was one fan who took things way too far. His actions also left a mark on the broadcast channel’s background. Before the game began, a news reporter was standing outside the venue when the fan walked into the frame of the camera as he was discussing the Origin matches’ illustrative past.

The female fan had a scarf around her neck and was sporting a Queensland beanie, indicating that she supported Queensland. She glanced at her friends before reaching for her shirt. As she danced across the screen, the camera quickly raised up her shirt, catching her chest. While the broadcast was still going, the camera then quickly moved away.

The incident in the background was quickly identified by the fans with keen eyes, and it quickly spread on social media. There was one fan who ran across the stadium after the game had ended, but most of the fans of the team playing inside the stadium appeared to be acting nicely while the game was still going on.

live TV broadcast on Origin Flasher

Brisbane will host the game in the 2022 State of Origin series that determines the series’ outcome. But the game was also no less significant than any other incident that took place because it generated a lot of speculation and controversy. There has been controversy, and the commentators have continued to press the legendary Maroons players Darren Lockyer and Paul Vautin for clarification.

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