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On Twitter, a lea**ked video of Shaka Khoza goes viral.

Leave Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube: Shaka Khoza’s Leaked Video Goes Viral on Twitter

Another disturbing video is currently circulating the internet, causing issues for the person depicted in it. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, we’re discussing SK Khoza’s disturbing video, which has recently gone viral. According to media reports and trends, SK Khoza became agitated after a video of him making a ruckus in front of an ambiguous structure became a web sensation thanks to virtual entertainment. Prior to what appeared to be an inn, the alleged alcoholic entertainer threw a tantrum without any footwear.

Explanation of the Shaka Khoza Scandal

SK Khoza, who played Shaka Khoza in the cancelled telenovela “The Queen,” is making headlines once again after a disturbing video of him went viral. Khoza is seen in the viral video having an unexpected verbal brawl with an anonymous man, which has several of his fans worried that he will lose his acting role in the second season of Kings of Joburg.


On Twitter, Shaka Khoza’s video went viral.

After being heard shouting insults at an anonymous man depicted in a recent viral video, fans of The Queen’s SK Khoza are worried he might need rehab. He’s also overheard the anonymous man body-shaming him and questioning his identity.


Fans have speculated that the star may be high on drugs or inebriated in the video. The actor has been in the news before; in 2021, MultiChoice cancelled his contract with The Queen after he was allegedly abused by his former fiancee, Ayanda Hlongwane, who brought the allegations to light.


After he allegedly assaulted her at her Fourways home, Hlongwane filed a complaint against him. For the second time, the telenovela cast him in the role of Shaka Khoza, which he played for five seasons.

In “Kings Of Joburg,” he played a role.

When Ferguson Films announced that season 2 of their Netflix series “Kings Of Joburg” was in the works, fans were ecstatic. Viewers of the show believe that as a result of the viral video, the actor will lose his role in the show. Shona Ferguson, the media mogul, stunned fans on social media by sharing a clip from the show.

He referred to me as “The K-Word.”

According to, Sk Khoza claims that the video doesn’t show the part where the anonymous man insults him.

“I was in Mpumalanga with some friends when the white man you see in the video was racist toward me, so I simply retaliated.” According to Khoza, he called me the “K-Word.” “It’s funny how I always seem to be trending for the wrong reasons, and never for the good that I do or the great work that I produce,” he continued. I’m fed up with all the fabrications about me. I was not, and never have been, on drugs.”

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