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On the beach, Urfi Javed was spotted openly having fun while sporting a transparent top.

Videos and images of Urfi Javed Bold Due to her unique style, Urfi Javed, an internet sensation, has been in the news lately. Nobody is aware of the exact moment Urfi will appear in front of the camera. Urfi has unlimited power to stay in the spotlight at any time. Every time, people are astounded by her strange attire. At the same time, Urfi continues to attract trolls due to her bo*ld appearance. Urfi, however, doesn’t give a damn about any of these things. She gives her followers a treat by sharing images and videos of her hot and bo*ld appearance. In the meantime, yet another new Urfi video is going viral. The fans’ senses are tingling as they watch Urfi’s expression in this video.

Check out the video here.

One of Urfi Javed’s most recent se*xy videos was shared on her Instagram page. Once again, Urfi can be seen maintaining her bo*ld style in this video. On the beach, Urfi can be seen sporting a se*xy designer bikini in the color black. Urfi is donning a transparent white top to conceal this bik*ini. The entire top is visible, and it is green. After Urfi, there are open. In this video, Urfi can be seen singing along as he strolls along the beach. This video of her is generating a lot of discussions, as usual. While some users are once more trolling them, some users really like how Urfi looks. Fans respond to comments like “hot,” “beautiful,” and “gorgeous” by posting them as comments on this video.

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