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On “Chikni Chameli,” a teen girl from the school is Katrina Kaif’s fiercest rival.

Social media is a platform where anything can go viral, including videos. Online buzz is especially generated by videos of people and animals. These videos that are posted online also attempt to amuse, educate, and make you laugh through their inane, adorable, or artistic antics. On social media, one such video is becoming very popular.

Young Woman Dancing to “Chikni Chameli”

The girl is seen in this video performing amazing moves in the classroom. The internet is now getting hotter thanks to this video. When a girl is seen dancing to the song “Chikni Chameli,” which features Katrina Kaif, the other students in the class can be heard cheering raucously. Everyone on the internet is focusing on the girl dance in this Bollywood song.

teen girl from the school is Katrina Kaif’s fiercest rival.k

Gaining Popularity on Social Media

On social media, this video is increasingly going viral. This video is very popular among online users. Funtap has posted this video to Instagram. This video is being spread widely by people. On this video, numerous users left comments. One user wrote, “School ka name bta Bhai.” Another user added, “merko school jana h,” after writing, “Aaj he admission luga m.”

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