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Officials have arrested LaDonna Paris, a bipolar woman.

A video of two police officers laughing before arresting a 70-year-old insane woman went viral on social media recently. Actually, in a video released recently, Tulsa police officers can be seen taunting and laughing at a 70-year-old woman named LaDonna Paris, who is having a mental health crisis, before violently arresting her. You must have seen that video and are curious about the entire scene that occurred at the time the arrest was made.

However, you’ll notice in the video that a female cop taunts and laughs, saying, “This is going to be so fun,” as she and her partner wait for another officer to arrive and kick down the door. Following the uproar, the Tulsa Police Department stated that when officers kicked down that bathroom door and tackled LaDonna Paris in an incident last October, they followed all protocols.

Officials have arrested LaDonna Paris, a bipolar woman.

Paris had barricaded herself in a Habitat for Humanity store’s bathroom and refused to leave. She was having a manic episode due to late-onset bipolar disorder. Another interesting fact about the city is that Tulsa has a special team to deal with all those who have mental health issues, and according to sources, when they got the call about LaDonna Paris, they had a busy schedule and didn’t have the team available at the time, but despite not being a part of the special team, the police handled the situation calmly.

However, you can watch the clip where the lady cop is attempting to summon Paris but she does not respond, and then a male cop kicks the door in her face, severely injuring her. So, if you believe the police did something wrong with the lady, we’d like to shed some light on her so you don’t feel compelled to criticise them. So, according to sources, she spent a month in jail on charges of arson, trespassing, resisting arrest, and other offences before a judge dismissed them all, citing Paris’ mental health. Stay up to date on the latest crime news and breaking headlines by following us on Twitter.

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