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Odendaalsrus Teacher full hd Video Gone Viral

Odendaalsrus Teacher Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Instagram, and, Twitter:

On social media, there is a video that has caught everyone’s attention. After watching the video, many people were taken aback. In the video, a black student is assaulted by a white teacher. When the video went viral, it made headlines all over the world. Many people have been shocked after watching the video. The teacher has been chastised for her impolite behaviour.

Odendaalsrus Teacher full hd Video

According to reports, a teacher at Wessel Maree Secondary School in Odendaalsrus, Free State, has been suspended after being caught on camera shoving a student. The Free State Education Department announced that a teacher has been suspended with immediate effect and that the incident will be investigated. “We have launched an investigation to look into this unfortunate incident,” Education MEC Pule Makoge said in a statement. At this time, we don’t have all of the facts about the incident.”


Explanation of Odendaalsrus Teacher Video

The teacher is shown standing face-to-face with the student in the video that has been circulating on social media platforms. It appears that the teacher is requesting that he leave the class. When the student persists in trying to get past the teacher, the teacher pushes him so hard that he falls down on a desk before collapsing to the floor. The Free State education department responded to the video by condemning acts of violence, corporal punishment, racism, and bullying in schools.


“Schools should be centres of learning and teaching conducive to the provision of quality education,” Makoge said. After the incident, he called for peace and warned against exploiting the situation for political gain. “There may be rogues who want to use this incident to fan racial tensions,” he said. We must collaborate for the benefit of our students and not allow opportunists to drive a wedge between us.”

He stated that once the investigation into the case is completed, the education department will decide what action should be taken against the teacher. So far, the police have only provided this information about the case. If we receive any new information about the incident, we will notify you immediately. Keep an eye on this space for more information.

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