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NYSC Reacts to Corpers Controversial Dance Video Viral on Twitter

On social media, we see some of the most explic**it content on a daily basis, which, without a doubt, pleases netizens. However, viral clips do not always please because they can become shameless for the society or organisation. However, lust cannot be hidden, and sometimes people film their fun clips, which later backfire and cause them to lose their jobs. The same shamefully incident occurred at a corners event in Nigeria, where a group of corners were having a good time and a lady corper was laying down and giving so-called lap dance, where you will hardly find the dance but everything except the word.

A video went viral on social media recently, prompting the NYSC to take action. The National Youth Service Corps recently announced that they are looking for people who were at the scene and having a good time with the crowd and the curvy lady. Despite the fact that the viral video is about dance, there isn’t much dancing in it because one female corper is seen giving a lap dance to a male counterpart. Among a slew of dance videos, people are looking for the NYSC erotic dance video or copper twerking.

The erotic manner dance may give you goosebumps as well, and you may believe that you should have been present to share the same vibe as the laying lady.

The erotic viral dance video has gathered a following and has now become the talk of the town. Nigerians have condemned the video, which also shows the corpers performing an erotic dance. In the video, you can see and hear a male corper banging the lady’s butt from behind for the sake of twerking. Later, the lady confronts the man, but they continue to hit on the genitals in the same way.

The video has been hampered by comments, including one from Olamide Asiru, who said, “If the officials can’t do anything about it, then I’m not sure where our Nigeria is going.” There are about 100 corpers in the video, and everyone is playing with their best one. You can also look for the video on social media. Keep an eye on us for more information like this.

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