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NYC Subway Train Pool Party With Booze Viral Video on Twitter, Insta & Reddit

People are currently discussing a pool party video that is currently going viral on the internet. You’re probably wondering why a pool party video is getting so much attention and why so many people are showing an interest in it. This blog contains all the solutions to your questions. According to the most recent reports, a New York subway train that has been transformed into a pool party is currently in the news. Following the viewing of this video, people are becoming shocked. Everyone is curious as to how a train could transform into a party and how it obtained permission.

According to the most recent information, twerking girls host wild pool parties on the New York subway. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the blink twerk party, and people’s reactions are shocking.

Video Of A Pool Party On A NYC Subway

Due to the spontaneous party that included women twerking in attractive bikinis, drinking alcohol, and using the carriage floor as a slip-and-slide, a subway train in New York City became the centre of attention.

On Saturday afternoon, a user of Twitter who went by the handle @MikeFromQueens uploaded mind-blowing, sparking both hilarity and annoyance from other users. Many people can be seen having fun, dancing, and attending parties in the trending video. The dancers, who should have been on a L train, danced and took breaks while jumping from commuter to commuter.

Video Explanation Of NYC Subway Train Pool Party With Alcohol

Although the video shows how much fun they are having, it also begs the question of how they obtained permission to do this. People are responding to this video with shocking comments and reactions. One Twitter user who watched the video described it as “nasty.” “Weird,” another user commented. While other people are seen passing alcohol bottles and pouring each other’s mouths, the video’s ladies can be seen doing twerk on a variety of commuters. We are all aware that drinking is not permitted in trains. It’s unclear why the party took place or whether it had any sort of promotional intent.

While the revellers consumed alcohol on the train, they broke the law. According to the New York Police Department’s statistics on reported crimes, many of them are violent. Law enforcement is being urged by numerous people to take action against these subway rules-breakers.

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