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Another video about a horrifying crime is becoming popular on social media. The search term “Novo Link Rap*e Piacenza Giorgia Meloni Vdeo Viral Twitter” is grabbing people’s attention. Although this movie has been the subject of thousands of searches, no clear images are associated with it. The keyword makes it clear that the video and r@pe are connected. We have chosen to cover the news and attempt to learn more about this after observing the public’s interest. We currently know that the video first appeared on Twitter before becoming popular across various platforms.

Giorgia Meloni: Who is she?

Italian journalist and politician Giorgia Meloni are well-known. Brothers Of Italy, a national-conservative political party, is led by Meloni. She was born in Rome on January 15, 1977. Her father was a native of Sardinia, while her mother came from Sicily. Her father, a tax advisor, left his family when she was 11 years old. In the year 1992, when she was 15 years old, she joined Youth Front. She has since been involved in politics and helping others. She won the general election to the Chamber of Deputies in the year 2006. She was elected vice president at an early age.

Twitter Viral Video Novo Link Stupro Piacenza Giorgia Meloni

She is currently making headlines not for any political or professional activities, but rather because of a video that was first shared on Twitter and quickly spread to other social media sites. The far-right politician, who is a role model for many women and the first female president of Italy, sparked outrage from her opponents on Monday, August 22, 2022, for posting an arbitrary video purporting to show a woman being hara*ssed and rap*ed by an immigrant.

According to sources, a video from an Italian news website was shared on social media on Sunday night, August 21, 2022. A bystander captured the video through a window looking out into the street. The victim who was seen on camera was identified as a Ukrainian woman, and you can hear her yelling in panic and despair. A refugee from Guinea who is about 27 years old and was involved in the rap*e and se*xual as*sault has reportedly been detained, according to Italian media reports.

The far-right leader wrote on Twitter after publishing the video, “One can’t keep silent in the face of this horrible episode of rap*e and se*xual as*sault which happened in Piacenza by the hands of a refugee in broad daylight. I gave this woman a hug and made a commitment to do everything in my power to bring justice to her and ensure the protection of our society’s members.

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