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Nora Fatehi was dancing alone, after what Guru Randhawa did?

Nora Fatehi, the dance queen, and Guru Randhawa, the singing master, have once again given the fans a tremendous gift. As the New Year approaches, Guru Randhawa has released a new track for the occasion. Because Nora and Guru had previously caused panic, fans had higher expectations. This couple, on the other hand, has made a huge impact without disappointing their fans. Now, Nora and Guru are hard at work promoting their song.

Both can be seen together everywhere, and another viral video has emerged. Nora can be seen dancing fiercely in this video to promote her song. She becomes so engrossed in her moves that Guru Randhawa, who is standing beside her, notices her and later joins her in dancing. Nora bursts out laughing when she sees Guru dancing and begins to join in.

Voomla posted the video on their website. During this time, Nora Fatehi is dressed in a dark sequin pant suit of grey brown colour, while Guru Randhawa is dressed in a black high neck t-shirt and an olive green suit with pants. Netizens have begun to comment on the video as well.

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