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Nora Fatehi such a backbreaking dance in the reality show

People’s mouths water whenever Nora Fatehi shakes her waist. Everyone’s mouth just comes out of this waist-breaking dance when they see their waist.

People’s hearts race when Nora Fatehi shakes her waist in New Delhi. Everyone’s mouth just comes out of this waist-breaking dance when they see their waist. Nora Fatehi recently appeared on a dance reality show and rocked it, leaving the audience in awe.
2nd India’s Best Dancer:
Nora Fatehi appeared as a guest on the show ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’. During this time, Nora went on stage with a contestant to dance at everyone’s request. Nora danced in such a way that it was difficult to take your gaze away from her.
Backwards dance
In the video, Nora attempts to match her steps to those of a contestant on stage. After that, she gradually ramps up to full speed. Following that, she shakes her waist and begins dancing in such a way that the people in the room go insane after seeing her dance. Nora was also seen completely immersed in it while dancing in the video.
It was difficult to match Nora’s dance.

Nora is seen dancing with a contestant in this video. But, at first, she tries to mix step by step with Contestant Nora, but after leaving Nora’s steps, she begins to do her own. As a result, you will conclude that matching Nora’s dance is not only difficult, but also impossible.

These three individuals are presiding over the India’s Best Dancer 2 competition.
The judges for ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’ are Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapoor. Nora appeared as a guest on this show. Let me tell you, Nora Fatehi is well-known for her dancing in addition to her acting. She has performed many dance numbers in films, which were well received by the audience.

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