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Nora Fatehi shared photo in black bi*ki*ni goes viral

Nora Fatehi Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress and dancer, leaves no stone unturned in her quest to make people go crazy with her dance, while also updating her Instagram account with fresh photographs for her followers! This time, the actress has released a se**xy snapshot of herself wearing a black bi*ki*ni at the side of a swimming pool!

However, the actress can definitely be seen doing something on her iPhone while also wearing large earrings in her ears in this viral shot! Nora Fateh Ali Khan looks stunning with her hair down in this setting! At the same moment, a swimming pool and lovely green trees can be seen in the actress’s backdrop!

In the caption of the shot, the actress wrote, “I’m arranging my own separate holiday, who’d want to walk?” In such a circumstance, the actress only needed to ask once, and the response in the comment box was the line. Along with Bollywood celebs, social media users have also linked strongly, with one writing that even if the ticket was not received, the actress only needed to ask once. I’ll be there!

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