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Noor Mukadam lea**ked full HD CCTV Video gone viral

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued an official notification on Sunday prohibiting television stations and other media outlets from airing footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed at the home of Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect in the murder of Noor Mukadam.

PEMRA forbade all satellite TV channels from broadcasting lea**ked CCTV footage of Noor Mukadam’s failed effort to flee the residence where she was brutally murdered.

Section 27 of the Pemra Ordinance, 2002 makes it illegal to broadcast footage of Noor and Zahir.

The deceased girl can plainly be seen attempting to flee before being murdered in Islamabad, according to CCTV evidence.

“All satellite TV channels (news and current affairs/regional language) are thus advised to stop airing aforementioned CCTV material immediately,” according to the letter.

Violations of Sections 29, 30, and 33 of the Pemra Ordinance, 2002 will result in harsh penalties, according to the regulator.

Noor Mukadam, the 27-year-old daughter of former Pakistani ambassador Shaukat Mukadam, was discovered dead at a home in Islamabad’s posh Sector F-7/4 on July 20.

On the victim’s father’s allegation, a first information report (FIR) was filed against Zahir Jaffer. Zahir was apprehended near the crime scene and charged with premeditated murder under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

On July 24, police in Islamabad detained Zaheer’s parents, Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee, as well as domestic workers, on suspicion of concealing evidence and complicity in the crime.

The parents were then placed on judicial remand and filed a bail petition to have their incarceration lifted.

The parents of defendant Zahir Jaffer were detained on July 25 for suppressing evidence and being involved in the crime.

Noor Mukadam lea**ked full

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