No external force can exert pressure on us today: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that J-10C will strengthen the defence system and that no external force can put pressure on Pakistan today because of the Armed Forces.

PM Imran Khan congratulated the nation while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the single-engine fighter jet in Kamra. He expressed his gratitude to China on behalf of his country for allowing him to join the F-16 40 years ago. “Yes, J10C will strengthen the defence system even more,” he stated.

According to the prime minister, we are confident in our Armed Forces’ ability to defend the country. “Armed forces strength is formed when the nation stands together, and when the nation stands together, armed forces morale rises even higher,” the prime minister said, adding, “Pakistan’s response in Balakot sent a message to the entire world.”

“The country is headed in the right direction, the economy is improving,” the prime minister said. “No one can look down on Pakistan today because of the armed forces, and the government has taken steps for the lower class.”

Earlier, in welcoming the distinguished guests, the Chief of Air Staff stated that we are living in a challenging period, that Pak-China cooperation is ideal for regional peace, and that the Pakistan Air Force is committed to defending the homeland.

The Air Chief stated that Pakistan and China have strong fraternal ties and that they are working together for regional peace. He also stated that Pakistan and China are friendly countries.

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