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Content Creator Nimra Asif – Age, Education, Family, Boyfriend, Height, Size, Net Worth

Beyond the Screen: Nimra Asif's Age, Education, and Personal Connections

Nimra Asif, known by her close circles as Nimra Asif Malik, was born on July 9, 1995, in Lahore, Pakistan. Raised in the vibrant cultural hub, Nimra developed a passion for diverse interests from a young age. Her educational journey took her through the Punjab Group Of Colleges for her school years, and later, she pursued her graduation from the prestigious Lahore College For Women University.

Nimra Asif Professional Journey:

At the age of 29, Nimra Asif has carved a niche for herself as a content creator and social media personality. Her interests range from fashion to food and travel, showcasing a versatile personality that resonates with a broad audience. Nimra’s creativity shines through her work, captivating followers with engaging content across various platforms.

Family and Personal Life:

While Nimra Asif’s professional life is an open book for her followers, details about her family remain private. With her focus on building her career, she is unmarried and keeps her personal life away from the spotlight. As of now, there is no information available about her parents, siblings, or any significant relationships.

Nimra Asif Physical Attributes:

Nimra Asif Height is 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 60 kilograms, Nimra possesses a well-balanced physique. Her body measurements include a chest size of 33 inches, a waist size of 30 inches, and hips measuring 33 inches. Brown eyes and brown hair contribute to her distinct and appealing appearance.

Behind the Scenes: Nimra Asif's Journey – Age, Education, and Family Details

Behind the Scenes: Nimra Asif's Journey – Age, Education, and Family Details

Behind the Scenes: Nimra Asif's Journey – Age, Education, and Family Details

Behind the Scenes: Nimra Asif's Journey – Age, Education, and Family Details

Nimra Asif Malik Social Media Presence:

Nimra Asif’s influence extends across various social media platforms. You can find her captivating visuals and updates on Instagram @nimra.malikk and Facebook @nimramalikk. Her professional portfolio is also showcased on Behance @DesignbyNimra and LinkedIn

Net Worth:

Though Nimra Asif net worth remains unknown, it is speculated that her earnings from diverse sources have amassed a significant fortune. Estimates suggest her net worth is approximately $1000, a testament to her success in the world of content creation.

Future Endeavors:

While her career details remain undisclosed, Nimra Asif’s journey as a content creator continues to evolve. With an ever-growing fan base, her followers eagerly await updates on her professional ventures and personal milestones.


Nimra Malik’s story is one of determination, creativity, and versatility. As she navigates the dynamic world of content creation, her life unfolds like an intriguing narrative, leaving her audience eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the journey of this social media sensation.

FAQs about Nimra Asif Malik

Q1: What is Nimra Aasif’s real name?

A1: Nimra Asif’s real name is Nimra Aasif.

Q2: How old is Nimra Asif Malik?

A2: Nimra Malik is approximately 29 years old (as of the last estimate).

Q3: When was Nimra Asif  Malik born?

A3: Nimra Malik was born on July 9, 1995.

Q4: Where is Nimra Malik from?

A4: Nimra Malik hails from Lahore, Pakistan.

Q5: What is Nimra Malik’s nationality?

A5: Nimra Malik is of Pakistani nationality.

Q6: What is Nimra Malik’s educational background?

A6: Nimra Malik graduated from Lahore College for Women University after attending Punjab Group of Colleges.

Q7: What is Nimra Malik’s profession?

A7: Nimra Malik is a content creator and social media personality.

Q8: Is Nimra Malik married?

A8: Nimra Malik is currently unmarried.

Q9: What is Nimra Malik’s net worth?

A9: Nimra Malik’s exact net worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be around $100,000.

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