Ayaz Amir, a senior journalist, was assaulted in Lahore Viral Video

In Lahore. Senior journalist and televangelist Ayaz Amir was beaten by unidentified men on Friday and sustained injuries.

The senior reporter was reportedly returning home after leaving the offices of a private news channel when he was physically attacked close to Abbott Road in the provincial capital. His personal items, including his phone, were also taken by the group of men.

According to Ayaz, his car was blocked and he and his driver were tortured by nearly six people, according to a local journalist. Face masks were reportedly worn by the attackers.

Users of social media also posted images of Ayaz’s wounds.

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, a prominent journalist and the editor-in-chief of Daily Pakistan, denounced the assault on Ayaz Amir. Mr. Shami described it as a challenge for the current authorities to identify the offenders and prosecute them in accordance with the law.

Several journalists and TV commentators, including the former prime minister Imran Khan, denounced the incident.

With violence and fabricated FIRs against journalists, politicians, and common people, Khan claimed that Pakistan was descending into the worst form of fascism. He added that the state had lost all moral authority and was using violence.

A day after criticising ousted Pakistani premier Imran Khan in a party-sponsored event, the renowned analyst comes under fire.

Speaking at the occasion, Ayaz blamed the PTI leader for the problems the South Asian nation is experiencing. Ayaz attacked the former cricketer-turned-politician, saying, “You handed over Pakistan to property dealers.” Khan grinned back.

Ayaz Amir, a senior journalist, was assaulted in Lahore Viral Video

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