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Nigerian Tiktoker Black Chully Full Viral Video Become Sensation All Over

Who is Black Chully?

People need to learn about other people’s successes who have previously accomplished what they want to accomplish, according to Black Chully, a Nigerian actress, content producer, brand ambassador, entertainer, and Method actress.

Her comedic roles in films and appearances in comedy videos have made her famous. She started working as an actress a few years ago. After appearing in a few films and comedy videos, she gained a large following for her comedic acting.

Nigerian Tiktoker Black Chully

Her ardent fans are scouring the internet for information on Black Chully’s life. What is the identity of this mysterious Black Chully?

Wikipedia describes Black Chully as:

Black Chully is a Nigerian rapper who was born in the state of Imo. Between 2000 and 2002, she gave birth to three children. She grew up in a Nigerian family. Her real name is Black Chully, but she goes by that stage name. Her secondary education was completed in Nigeria.

Real Name: Black Chully

The real name of Black Chully, also known as Black Chilly, is unknown, but she is well-known as Black Chully. Please keep refreshing to find out when we reveal her full name.

Ex-Boyfriend and Black Chully Boyfriend

As she portrays on TikTok, Black Chully is a l*sbian. She is currently single.

While it has been suggested that black Chully is a lesbian and has a girlfriend, the identity of her girlfriend has yet to be revealed, as she is frequently seen with other large booty girls.

The height of Black Chully should be around 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is around 65 kilogrammes.

Instagram: Black Chully

Black Chully’s Instagram account, @black chullyscorpoin, currently has 190,000 followers.

YouTube videos of Black Chully

Under the moniker Black Chully, Black has a YouTube channel. On February 3rd, 2021, she started a YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel has 1.85 thousand subscribers.

TikTok Black Chully

With the username @BlackChully3, Black Chully currently has 2.4 million TikTok followers.

Net Worth of Black Chully

Black Chully is a well-known Tiktoker who recently won Wande Coal’s song challenge and was awarded 1 million naira. We also understand she charges well for each video she makes, so her net worth is estimated to be in the range of $100k to $400k.

Video of a Black Chully Lea*ked Sextape

Black Chully Nak*ed, a popular Nigerian TikToker video, has surfaced online, Black Chully Se*xtape, Blackchully Se*xtape video, get it here.

Black Chully, also known as Black Chilly, is a well-known Nigerian TikToker. After dozens of her n*de videos were leaked online, Chilly speaks out. As of the time of writing, Black Chully is heartbroken and dealing with a slew of GBAS GBOS as a result of dozens of her n*de videos being posted online.

As her x-rated videos continue to spread across various social media platforms, the young TikToker, who couldn’t hold back her tears as she wept profusely, made a viral video to address the scandalous incident.


Q.1 Who is Black Chully, and where did he come from?

Black Chully is a Method actress, content creator, brand ambassador, and entertainer from Nigeria.

Q.2 What is Black Chully’s age?

Black Chully is about 20 years old.

Q.3 Who is the boyfriend of Black Chully?

The name of Black Chully’s boyfriend is unknown.

Q.4 How tall is Black Chully?

Black Chully is about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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