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Since Monday, copies of conversations, photos, and recordings of specific females on Lagos Island have been circulating on Facebook, accusing them of stripping n***aked for canines to devour. Ladies are sometimes paid up to N1.5 million just to breed with dogs, including the conversations. A woman described how she grew accustomed to being a hot topic. She stated that she had made arrangements to meet with a victim of the heinous practise.

Video of Nigerian Girls Sleeping With Dogs

Davido, who is said to have three children from four different women, is said to have taken his pe***rsonal information to the next level and started a family that will eventually end if he does not improve. This comes after Davido allegedly confirmed his relationship with a married woman, Ama Reggie, and declared that he was not yet done with bachelorhood after rumours of him buying a manufacturer Land Rover for her surfaced on the internet.

Full Video of Nigerian Girls Sleeping With Dogs

She eventually found herself fighting strange infections that started with a st***inky va***ginal discharge. Men who couldn’t stand the pungent odour emanating from her gen***italia began to avoid her. A German-shepherd dog is seen having s***exual encounters with a gorgeous female whenever she gushes fluids from her limbs on the pavement. She joined the team because she loves animals, but she quickly discovered that it makes her stink. The woman claimed she was suffering from an illness that would not go away.

Those criminals should be apprehended right away. The presenter of the article also revealed that almost all Lagos females have S***ex with Animals in order to live a lavish lifestyle. He went on to say that the majority of affluent men hire these women just to have intercourse without their pets while they watch the show. We will return with more information about this incident, so stay tuned to our website until then.

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