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Nidhi Bhanushali shared a bold video in off shoulder dress

Taaraka Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: For the past 13 years, the audience has been entertained by the comedy programme ‘Taaraka Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.’ I’m not sure how many actors have come and gone from this programme. However, even after leaving the programme, many actors are still well-liked by the public. This presentation featured a kid artist who was viewed by audiences ranging in size from tiny to large. We’re talking about Nidhi Bhanushali, who played the kid artist ‘Sonu Bhide’ in the programme. Nidhi’s is now quite popular and well-known.

Even though Nidhi is no longer on the show, the public has not forgotten her. Nidhi may have retired from acting, but she is still highly active on social media. She frequently shares photos and videos from her daring adventures. Meanwhile, a new Nidhi video has gone popular on the internet. Fans are taken aback by her attractive avatar in this video.

View the video here.

Nidhi Bhanushali has shared her most recent video on her official Instagram account. Nidhi is featured in this video demonstrating her singing abilities. In the video, Nidhi may be seen in very low light. Nidhi is wearing a pretty bo*ld off shoulder dress throughout this. While singing the song ‘Tu Bole Glass Adha Khali…’, Nidhi is seen. Throughout, her facial expressions are perfectly in sync with the lyrics of the songs. At the same time, people learned about Nidhi’s skill for the first time through social media. While many social media users adore Nidhi’s song, many others dislike it. At the same time, numerous people are shown encouraging her to pursue a career in acting.

So far, millions of people have viewed this video. A user commented on this, saying, ‘I fell asleep after listening to this.’ So ‘Sonu Beta Masti Nahi’ is written there. Another person comments, ‘You are a fantastic actor.. why not focus on acting career..’ ‘I believe you have the potential to be a superstar.’

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