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Nida Yasir Recalls Sajal Aly’s First Audition

Nida Yasir is a household name in the world of morning shows. She is a fantastic actress, model, and TV host. She has been hosting a morning show called Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital for quite some time. She’s the longest-running morning show host. Khel Khel Mein’s amazing cast was recently spotted at Nida Yasir’s show to promote their film. Khel Khel Khel Mein, starring the energetic, enthusiastic, and talented Bilal Abbas Khan and Sajal Aly, is the most anticipated film of the year.

The show was entertaining. Nida Yasir showed her appreciation for Sajal Aly by going back in time to when Sajal Aly gave her first auditions. Yasir Nawaz, she said, was holding auditions for Sajal’s debut drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malakain. The auditions were held at Yasir and Nida’s home. She remembered those lovely ladies who came forward with determination and a million dreams in their eyes.

According to Nida, Sajal Aly and Saboor Aly both came to give auditions, and their radiant and glowy skin was the most noticeable thing. The girls had just won their hearts with their auditions. Yasir asked them to abruptly switch emotions, and both of them stunned Yasir Nawaz with their expressions and timing of expressions. As a result, they were both chosen for their fantastic roles. To listen to the full interview,

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It’s incredible to see how our senior artists assist and appreciate the new talent, instilling a sense of gratitude and confidence in them. Our industry, without a doubt, requires more artists like Sajal Aly. Here are some of Sajal Aly’s amazing photos from the show Good Morning Pakistan.

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