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New Year’s Eve poses by Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton sent an early New Year’s greeting to royal fans in the form of a rare photo from the premiere of James Bond: No Time To Die.

“Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!” the duo captioned a photo of themselves leaning into one another on their official Instagram account.

Body Language expert Judi James shares her observation of the couple, deeming them “future of the monarchy.”

Judi James said: “This is more than just a smiling pose from the royal couple as they wish us all a happy new year, it is also a very significant and even unique choice in terms of what they are telling us about themselves, their relationship with us, and the future of the monarchy.

“With Prince Philip ’s death and the Queen’s moments of frailty in 2021, we are probably deliberately being shown a future King and Queen who, against the odds in royal terms, are as loving, strong, happy and even flirtatious a couple as they were when they married.

“The energy in this pose looks like an echo of those slightly naughty shots we used to see of them giggling and laughing together as they climbed into the backs of limos after partying during their dating days.

“It’s a much more relaxed depiction of their feelings for one another than usual, with both leaning in together grinning and with Kate not just holding William’s hand in her own but placing both her hands around his as though she thinks of him as something very precious.

“That top hand forms an affirmative gesture of affection and ownership that goes beyond any normal hand-holding.

“Their smiles are mirrored and they are more than just the traditional royal social smiles. These are very personal-looking grins aimed towards us, the viewer, with a sense of shared excitement in their eye expressions and authentic fun and joy in their grins.

“William has none of the usual puckering around his upper lip here to suggest a desire to suppress his smile, his teeth are edge-to-edge in a way that shows total good humour and happiness.

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