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Nazim Jokhio’s widow pardons killers after a long battle for justice.

Nazim Jokhio’s widow has pardoned her husband’s killers after he was allegedly tortured to death by a PPP MNA for attempting to prevent his foreign guests from hunting endangered houbara bustards.

Shireen Jokhio has pardoned all of the suspects in her husband’s murder, including Jam Abdul Karim, a PPP MNA, and Jam Awais, an MPA. “My relatives abandoned me, no one understands my situation,” she said in a statement. “I’m withdrawing from the case for the sake of my children.”

Shireen claimed she was under a lot of mental strain, and that some people were profiting from Jokhio’s death. “Getting justice in Pakistan is extremely difficult,” Shireen said.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with the difficulty of pursuing her husband’s killer while raising four children. “I have three daughters and a son.” My tribe and family have abandoned me.”

She claims her husband was murdered five months ago, but the case challan has yet to be filed in court. Jokhio’s widow has expressed her helplessness and said she has forgiven her husband’s killers because she is tired of the situation.

Shireen clarified that she has completed no paperwork and has not received any offers. Shireen denied taking money from her husband’s killers in exchange for his blood. She claims that the tribe’s elders have assured her that they will look after her children.

The complainant has pardoned all the suspects, according to Siraj Lashari, the investigation officer in the Jokhio murder case. He claimed that he worked tirelessly to submit the case’s challan so that the court proceedings could continue.

He claimed that Malir Court had approved the addition of terrorism charges to the murder case two months ago, and that the case had been transferred to the Anti-Terrorism Court. He claimed that if the terrorism charges had been added to the case, the accused would not have been able to get away with a family pardon.

It should be noted that the murder case of Nazim Jokhio was heard in the Sindh High Court on Wednesday. In a statement, the lawyers claimed that Nazim Jokhio’s widow had pardoned the accused Jam Owais and Jam Abdul Karim. The accused’s interim bail was extended until April 11 by the court.

After being named as the prime suspect in the Nazim Jokhio murder case, PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim flew to Dubai. The lawmaker was supposed to return to Islamabad on Wednesday, but he did not show up after his name was added to the no-fly list. This is the second time he has changed his return plans.

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