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Nana Patole Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube

Online popularity is growing for a fictitious video of Nana Patole, the state president of the Congress. The woman is seen in this video sitting across from the man and leaning her head on his shoulder.

Full HD Viral Video of Nana Patole

A video shared on Twitter by BJP leader Chitra Wagh claims that Nana Patole, a former minister and state president of the Congress, was seen with a woman in an uncomfortable position. However, the BJP has a plan to discredit each of us separately. To be clear, according to Nana Patole, we’ll take action to halt this.

Nana Patole Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

A fake video of Nana Patole, the Maharashtra Congress’ state president, is becoming popular on social media. Rumor has it that the individual in the video’s background is Nana Patole. A woman is seen being touched in this video, which claims to be from the Polo Orchid Hotel in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. A BJP leader named Chitra Wagh tweeted this video along with the phrase, serves as the soundtrack to this well-known video. Look at the video: Chitra Vagh said what, exactly?

I was surprised when I first watched the video after receiving it. When I looked it up again, I saw that it was the state president of the Maharashtra Congress, not a regular citizen, and that it had gone viral in many places. Although I tweeted the video and asked Nana about the facts of the case, no response has yet been received, according to Chitra Wagh, who said this during the press conference.

On numerous social media sites, the Nana Patole Video was viral. To find out what the video is about, users most frequently look for Nana Patole Video Original. On the internet, there are several videos that have been viral; some of them are real, while others are just rumours. Similar to this, Nana Patole Video Original is widely shared on social networking sites and has received a lot of attention.

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