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Nadia Khan is acquitted by the FIA of mocking Sharmila Faruqui’s mother.

Nadia Khan was acquitted by the FIA Cyber Crime in a defamation case brought against her by Sharmila Faruqui, a PPP member of the Sindh Assembly.

A short clip of Nadia Khan’s video from actress Saboor Ali’s wedding went viral on social media earlier this year, in which Nadia Khan was seen asking Faruqui’s mother Anisa Farooqi about her make-up.

Sharmila was offended by the video and decided to file a cybercrime report against Khan, as well as a Rs 50 million defamation notice to Nadia Khan.

In a video posted on social media, FIA Cyber Crime Sindh chief Imran Riaz claimed that Nadia Khan had been acquitted in a defamation suit filed against her by Sharmila Faruqui.

The head of the FIA Cyber Crime division stated that his team thoroughly reviewed the video and found no evidence that Nadia Khan had purposefully defamed Sharmila Faruqui’s mother. As a result, Nadia Khan has been cleared in this investigation, and the case has been closed, he stated.

Imran Riaz, who captioned the video, went on to explain the case, saying that making a video and photograph of someone and making it viral is only a crime if the intent is to harass and defame them.

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