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My tailbone was shattered during delivery because of the size of my child.

A mother demonstrated how back-breaking parenthood can be after delivering a child so large that she nearly fractured her tailbone while giving birth to him. A video of her agonising birth has received 5.7 million views on TikTok.

Sharmin Brunnell, 21, said in the video that giving birth to her “huge” child “breaks my tailbone.”

Amare, her colossal pride and joy, was born with a height of 8.6 inches, putting him in the “99th percentile” – meaning he is taller than 99 out of 100 babies.

According to the Sun, he was also about half the height of his 5-foot-1 mother, who didn’t expect to give birth to such a giant given her small stature. Brunnell, who gave birth at the age of 19, blames her 6-foot-3 husband for her giant children.

She gushed, “My 5ft 1in self marrying a 6ft 3in man and thinking our height difference is so lovely.”

Brunnell broke her tailbone giving birth to Amare, which she attributes to doctors forcing her to give birth on her back. She apparently suffered from the injuries for two years, which she described as “the greatest agony I’ve ever felt in my life,” according to another tape.

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