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Musical artist Blasian Doll Speaks Out on Leaked S3x Tape Controversy

Unveiling the Truth: Blasian Doll Breaks Silence on Leaked Tape

In recent days, social media has been abuzz with discussions surrounding an explici*t video allegedly featuring rapper Blasian Doll. The MC, however, quickly took control of the narrative, addressing the situation on her Instagram Story and attributing the incident to an old mistake. Despite the challenging circumstances, she maintained a composed demeanor, earning praise from fans for her mature response.

Blasian Doll’s Response:

Blasian Doll began her Instagram Story by acknowledging the video’s existence and promptly clarifying that it was from two to three years ago. In a bold and unapologetic tone, she stated, “Ts ain’t recent ain’t no video of me f***ing a mf or nun so idc I’m still young n learning from my mistakes.” The rapper emphasized that as her popularity rises, more challenges come her way, with people attempting to exploi*t her past.


Acknowledging the Past:

Asserting her growth since the incident, Blasian Doll acknowledged her youthful indiscretions, admitting, “I was young and d*mb dat sht old it is wat it is.” By directly addressing the situation and not shying away from her past, she demonstrated a level of maturity that resonated with many of her fans.

Positive Reception on Social Media:

Social media platforms witnessed an outpouring of support for Blasian Doll as fans applauded her for handling the situation with grace. Many commended her for facing the issue head-on, with one user stating, “That was handled & answered in the best way possible.. Maturity level on 1000.” Another echoed the sentiment, expressing admiration for her response.

Comparison to Similar Incidents:

Blasian Doll is not the first artist to experience the invasion of privacy through viral personal content. Last year, S3xyy Red faced a similar situation and was even accused of orchestrating the viral herself, a claim she vehemently denied. The parallel incidents highlight the unfortunate reality that artists, irrespective of their genre or image, can fall victim to priva*cy breaches.


Blasian Doll’s response to the viral video serves as a testament to her resilience and maturity in navigating the challenges that come with fame. The support from fans reinforces the importance of respecting artists’ privacy, irrespective of their public personas. As the discussion unfolds, it remains essential to approach such incidents with empathy and understanding, recognizing that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow from their past mistakes.

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