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Murtaza Qureshi, a 13-year-old boy, was killed for what reason?

Murtaza Qureshi, who was arrested at the age of 13 for speaking out for his rights, was also beheaded by the Saudi government.

Saudi Arabia has killed 81 people in the last two days, according to the Saudi Press Agency, including seven Yemenis and one Syrian. Murtaza Qureshi was one of those who died as a result of their allegiance to foreign terrorist organisations and their deviant beliefs.

Murtaza Qureshi was born on October 24, 2000, into Saudi Arabia’s Shia minority. Qureshi was arrested by the Saudi government in September 2014, when he was only 13 years old, on charges of joining a terrorist group and disturbing the peace.

According to CNN, Murtaza Qureshi began speaking out against government oppression and raising awareness about his rights at the age of ten, when he and his peers competed in bicycle races with children for his rights.

Murtaza Qureshi was arrested by Saudi authorities when he was 13 years old, three years after riding his bicycle to protest. Murtaza Qureshi was reportedly held in solitary confinement from time to time, according to The Guardian.

On Saturday, 81 people in Saudi Arabia, including Murtaza Qureshi, were executed in a single day. This figure exceeds the total number of people sentenced to death in the previous year. Murtaza Qureshi’s crime, aside from speaking up for his rights, is still unknown.

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