Mob of men harass Foreign Tourists in Islamabad Full HD Viral Video

On Tuesday, police detained four main suspects who were responsible for the August 14 harassment of women tourists from abroad in Shakarparian.

Additionally, the harassers’ recorded and shared video clips on social media have been seized by the police.

Notably, the National Database and Registration Authority are being used to identify the suspects seen in videos of the heinous act (NADRA).

In the past, foreign women who visited Shakarparian endured hours of harassment. Police officers weren’t even sent out to guard families and tourists at the well-known tourist destination on Independence Day.

In response to the complaint of sub-inspector Asif Ali, the neighborhood police station, Abpara police station, registered case number 708/22 under sections 354/509/147/149.

The act was described as criminal and despicable by IG Islamabad.

Full HD Viral Video of Men’s Mob Harassing Foreign Tourists in Islamabad

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