MNA Kanwal Shauzab leaked viral video on Twitter, Reddit

A video clip of PTI leader Kanwal Shuzab is going viral on social media, in which she is arguing with Maula Bakhsh Chandev on a talk show. Shuzab replies that not even Allah can silence me. Reacting to this viral clip, Kanwal Shuzab wrote in a tweet

This is a 7-seven-month-old clip that is being edited and played and everyone knows the past of Shama Junejo, who is playing it, Moola Bakhsh Chandio was shouting in the ear, the reason for removing this clip is to propagate the video on the 13th of August. 14 is intended to raise oil prices and divert attention from Maryam’s over-acting, as well as silence those who speak out against the incompetence and fascism of this imported government.
Fazlu Rehman’s statements, Sanaullah’s statements, and Shaughfata’s statements.

Kanwal Shauzab, a PTI MNA, leaked a popular video.

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