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MMS controversy, Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj’s new video goes viral

Shilpi Raj, a well-known Bhojpuri singer, has been making headlines for her le****aked M***MS over the last several days. The entire Bhojpuri industry was stunned and appalled by the tragedy. Shilpi Raj has released a new music video named ‘Cocacola Pila Do Balam,’ which she directed. The song went viral on social media in a matter of minutes, capturing the attention of everyone on the internet. The song has already gotten over 232k views and over 3k likes in just a few days since it was released.
Shilipi’s admirers have been showered with love after hearing the song. ‘Again, Shilpi Raj provides the best voice,’ wrote one. This song receives a perfect score of ten. Another said, ‘One of the best singers,’ and added, ‘Super song.’ ‘Aapki awaaz me kuch toh jaadu hai, tabhi toh lakho dilo par raj karti hai.’ Another person said, ‘Shilpi, your voice is incredible ‘Shilpi Raj ka viral video kaun kaun dekha,’ one user remarked, ‘Video viral hone ke bad bhi gana kyo gati hai,’ another said.

Shilip Raj’s per****”sonal video became viral on social media a few days ago. Her and her partner were shown in an ina****ppropriate situation on the video. The video clip became viral as soon as it was uploaded to YouTube. ‘Anyone who must have viewed this film with even a little bit of care will realise if this disgusting movie is mine or not,’ the singer stated in an interview with a news outlet, referring to the le***aked footage. People who saw the video slammed me and said I was a terrible person.

But no one witnessed the anguish of the girl in the video, who is forced to do this task by two lads who are disguising their faces. No one bothered to look at the footage to check if it was really me or another girl who looked like me.’ Shilpi also encouraged people to remove the video and not repost it on social media. Keep an eye on Etimes for additional news and updates.

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