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Missile Hits A Girl Riding A Bike In Ukraine Video Goes Viral

WATCH: Missile Hits Girl Riding Bike in Ukraine Video Goes Viral On Twitter and YouTube:

Many videos are emerging from Ukraine that are gaining international attention. Videos posted to Twitter and Facebook show devastation on Ukrainian streets following Russia’s military intervention. As social media footage showed various scenes of wreckage in the nation after Russia began military action, a cyclist seemed to have been injured by an explosive in a city in central Ukraine. Three videos, geolocated to Kolomens’la Street in Uman, a city in central Ukraine little over 100 miles south of the capital Kyiv, show a person being flung off their bike after seeing a bright, orange flash of light.

In Ukraine, a girl rides a bicycle Missile Hits

The individual crawls from his bike before resting still, as shown on CCTV video. A second video, shot on the ground, shows them lying in a pool of blood beside a tiny hole on the road. The guy has been freed from the street in the third video, which was posted later that morning on Facebook, but the apparent detonation has damaged the windows of nearby automobiles. Iamlegallyhype on TikTok is a TikTok user that goes by the handle Iamlegallyhype. Russia-Ukraine Conflict: TikTok Star Video Goes Viral.


The films are among a few documenting devastation in Ukraine under Russia’s hostilities. Citizens in Dnipro, Ukraine’s east, said shelling had occurred after seeing flashes of light from explosions on the horizon, which were afterwards followed by billowing smoke. Another video, which PA geolocated to Chuhuiv, near Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, shows a severely damaged apartment complex with water flowing out of the windows and all of the windows shattered. Who is Ukraine Actor Wife Ix Shen? Natalia Married: Her Age, Instagram, and Other Info!

Missile Hits a Girl Riding a Bike in Ukraine

Russian military vehicles entering into Ukraine from Crimea have been watching the security camera footage supplied by Ukrainian officials. As residents flee the capital, massive traffic jams have formed in Kyiv. Other video footage captured groups of unidentified helicopters flying low over the land in the districts northwest and north of Kyiv. At least eight helicopters could be seen flying in the same direction from one vantage point. Russia Ukraine Death Count 2022: How Many People Have Died In Ukraine?

On social media, misdirected viral content has also been circulated. Volodymyr Yelchenko, Ukraine’s former ambassador to the United States, posted a video on Twitter claiming to have been shot ‘just now’ in Mariupol, Ukraine. The video, which featured a black sky alternating with flashes of orange light, has over 170,000 views. WATCH: Bombing Video Combat Footage from the Ukraine War Videos Of The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine In 2022 – Reddit

Despite the fact that the identical video was earlier released in late January 2022, with the title “lightning strike at the power plant,” Another video, claiming to show an outburst in Ukraine, has received over 115,000 views on Twitter. The film depicts an explosion in Beirut in the year 2020.




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