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Minor Karachi Girl Dua Zehra latest Viral Video on Twitter, Youtube

Dua Zehra’s latest video, in which she teaches YouTubers, has ruffled social media feathers.

It all began after YouTuber Zunaira Maham conducted an interview with Dua Zehra in which she urged Dua Zehra to address all of the individuals and YouTubers who have contributed to the myth that Zaheer is a gang member.

“First of all, I want to say to all the YouTubers and people that stop lying about me, I don’t need your sympathies, I know how much you people care about me, and please do respect my husband, stop saying that he belongs to a gang,” said Dua Zehra, who can be seen formal dolled up.

Dua explained why she had to leave her parents’ house: “My parents were pressuring me into a cousin marriage, so I had to take that step of leaving home.”

Dua continued, “On Valentine’s Day, my phone was turned off by my parents, and they had physically assaulted me.” They were fully informed about Zaheer, the entire story, and my letter that I had written before leaving home in response to their scepticism.

When asked about giving interviews under duress, the woman responded, “I’m not being blackmailed, no one beats me before the interview, I give my statements independently, I don’t know why people say that I’m being kidnapped, even whatever I say, they think negatively about me.”

Since then, Dua Zehra has come under harsh criticism from social media users for being extremely dishonest, having no regret for what she did, and speaking bluntly and negatively to anyone who questions her abilities.

Minor Karachi Girl Dua Zehra latest Live Viral Video on Social Media


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