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Mika Melatika: Who Is She and Why Was Her YouTube Channel Terminated?

Mika Melatika: Who Is She and Why Was Her YouTube Channel Shut Down? Explained:

People nowadays earn money through digital media platforms, and Youtube is one of the most widely used social media platforms for this purpose. During the Covid 19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs and were unable to meet their basic needs. As a result, we already knew that many people died as a result of covid 19 and starvation. We’re informing our viewers that a lady started a youtube channel while the entire world was suffering from covid 19.

Mika Melatika: Who Is She?

Mike Melatika, according to some sources, is gaining a lot of attention because of her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel, according to sources, has been deactivated. Because she disobeyed the YouTube rules. This has now become the talk of town. The fact that this channel became extremely popular in a short period of time due to inappr***opriate types of content broadcast on her YouTube channel is not hidden from the media or users. Subscribers will be disappointed when her channel is shut down because they will no longer be able to enjoy her content.

What happened to Mika Melatika’s YouTube channel?

Mika allegedly created her account on July 13, 2021, according to some sources. Since the creator of that channel, Mika Melatika, was uploading content that violated YouTube’s guidelines, it was eventually shut down. It will be completed on May 9, 2022. When some of the users learned that this account had been suspended by YouTube, he wondered how it could have happened. There’s no need to be delusional.

We are shining a light on the truth: YouTube sent her a notice at an early stage, requiring her to explain the exact cause of her content that was broadcast on her YouTube channel; however, she did not respond to the notice, despite continuing to post such content on her YouTube channel. Mike’s YouTube channel was eventually shut down by YouTube. This YouTube channel had 150 thousand subscribers. When it comes to subscriber numbers, that sounds impressive. It’s a difficult task for those who come from a famous family, but she doesn’t come from one. She did, however, want to increase the number of subscribers to her YouTube channel, but she will not continue with it.

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