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Mexican singer Ángela Aguilar Video and Photos Went Viral

Angela Aguilar, a Mexican singer, is in the news today after an image of her with composer Gussy Lau, whose real name is Luis Abraham Buelna Vea, went viral online.

Because Lau’s tongue appears to be pinking the singer’s mouth, speculations about their relationship arose.

When a well-known celebrity appears in a viral video, people become even more interested in learning more about it.

Many netizens are drawn to the singer-songwriter photo, in which a well-known composer, Gussy Lau, appears to be very close to Angela Aguilar.

Angela, who is nominated for a Grammy, took to Instagram to express her dissatisfaction with dating rumours and backstabbing from her friends.

Their fans are more concerned about their 15-year age difference. Angela is 18 years old, while Lua is 33 years old.

Gussy Lau’s video and photos of Mexican singer Angela Aguilar went viral on Twitter and Reddit:


As a result of hearing several viral news stories about popular celebrities every day, several controversies have become a big draw for netizens.

According to reports, Lau claimed that their close friend posted the private photos on the internet, while Angela’s parents and family members were already aware of the relationship and gave their blessings.

On Instagram, Angela Aguilar responds to the rumours:

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, the Mexican-American singer addressed the issue in a six-minute video, claiming that the invasion of privacy has harmed her love life and family name.

Agnela Aguilar: What Happened to Her?

Angela also said that she trusted the person who made her feel disappointed after the image went viral, because the images circulated on social media and had an impact not only on her personal life but also on her professional life.

“This is an invasion of my privacy, of my right to choose what I announce, what I don’t announce, what I say, what I don’t say, what I get, what I don’t get,” Aguilar said.

Gussy Lau or Luis Abraham Buelna Vea, who are they?

Gussy Lau was born on June 6, 1988, in Mocorito, Mexico, and grew up in Culiacán, Mexico. He is also known for being Angela Aguilar’s boyfriend.

He’s collaborated with artists such as Christian Nodal, Grupo Firme, and Banda Los Recoditos.

One of his most notable accomplishments was winning a Latin Grammy for Best Mexican Regional Song in 2019 with Christian Nodal’s song, “No Te Contaron Mal” (They Did Not Tell You Wrong).

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