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Mera Baap Teri Mausi | 61 62 Web Series Full HD Episodes Online

Web Series Mera Baap Teri Mausi to Watch Online:

On July 22, 2022, the “Mera Baap Teri Mausi” television series was launched on the DigiMoviePlex app. The cast of Mera Baap Teri Mausi, the web series’ release date, the actress’s name, and how to watch it online are all listed below.

The best OTT app in India is DigiMoviePlex, which offers a wide range of content across all genres. In the social drama web series Mera Baap Teri Mausi, hilarious events of a couple trying to get their father to remarry to one of her relative are depicted. Once more demonstrating that they have the best stories to entertain the masses, DigiMoviePlex.

An excellent web series anthology called 61-62 has been launched by DigiMoviePlex. SSK is the director of every web series that has been published under the 61-62 title. Prior to this, Pyaasi Pushpa, starring Aayushi Jaiswal, and Laila O Laila, starring Muskaan Agarwal and Ruks Khandagle, were both released by DigiMoviePlex. Another one on the list is the recent television show “Mera Baap Teri Mausi.”

In Mera Baap Teri Mausi, fans anticipated an interesting plot with imaginative scenes starring Rajsi Verma and Mishti Basu.

Cast of the web series Mera Baap Teri Mausi

Rajsi Verma as Mausi
Mishti Basu as Bahu

Details & Story of Mera Baap Teri Mausi Web Series

61 62 Hindi romance and drama web series Mera Baap Teri Mausi is available on Digi Movieplex. Along with other supporting actors, the features include Mishti Basu and Rajsi Verma in the lead roles.

Release day for this web series was June 21, 2022. The complete information regarding this web series is provided below.

Rajsi Verma and Mishti Basu are the two main actors in the web series. Rajsi Verma portrays the character of Mausi, and Mishti Basu plays the role of a bahu who tries to assist his widowed father-in-law. Mera Baap Teri Mausi will have a lot more episodes released because the web series will have multiple episodes.

“This story is based on an old man whose wife passed away many years ago. The old man needs a woman to satisfy his phisical desires, but how will he get that?” reads the story’s synopsis. He then quietly observed his son and daughter-in-law and satisfied himself by masturbating.

When his son and daughter-in-law learn everything their father-in-law desires, they ask their daughter-in-aunt law’s to visit and stay with them.

Online streaming locations for the web series Mera Baap Teri Mausi

The web series is now available to subscribers on the DigiMoviePlex app and website as of midnight on July 22, 2022.

The show was originally created in Hindi to appeal to North Indian viewers who enjoy watching gripping thriller web series with humorous plotlines. The web series is available for free viewing and download to DigiMoviePlex app subscribers.

Rajsi Verma and Mishti Basu both gave outstanding performances in the web series, making it one of the most popular ones.

Everyone loves to see Rajsi Verma and Mishti Basu together in the web series, so the trailer received positive feedback from viewers. It will be interesting to see how well the DigiMoviePlex app does with this Mera Baap Teri Mausi web series.

Trailer, Teaser & Promo

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What day does the Digi Movieplex web series “61-62 Mera Baap Teri Mausi” premiere?

This web series will debut on June 21, 2022.

Who is the Star Cast of the Digi Movieplex web series 61 62 Mera Baap Teri Mausi?

Along with other supporting actors, the features include Mishti Basu and Rajsi Verma in the lead roles.

Who is the Story Writer of the 61 62 Mera Baap Teri Mausi Web Series on Digi Movieplex?

The story writer information for this web series has not yet been disclosed but will do so shortly.

How Can I Watch The Entire 61-62 Episodes Of Mera Baap Teri Mausi Online?

This web series is available to watch on the top OTT service Digi Movieplex.
The Digi Movieplex will officially stream the series.

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